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2022  Flag Officers

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Mark Green


Mark Green has served on the board in the past and has been an active participant in races at both Coyote Point Yacht Club and the Stockton Sailing Club.

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Mark Shelley

Vice Commodore

I have been a board member for 3 years now, previously serving as Membership Chair. I grew up on the water on the East Coast, and as a Naval Aviator I've seen most of the world's oceans, but the sailing here is some of the best! I own a Catalina 42 and have enjoyed sailing the Bay and all it has to offer. I am proud to be part of this board, and have the opportunity to help make it a great club for its members.

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Steve Swanson

Rear Commodore

I learned to sail and race in a plywood version of an Optimus at Chautauqua Lake Yacht Club in western New York.  In high school my brother, dad and I raced a Lightning, a nineteen foot open cockpit day sailor with a centerboard.  In 1994 Jocelyn and I moved to Foster City for a job opportunity at a startup biotech company (that no longer exists as an independent company).  We joined CPYC in 2004 at the chili contest open house and became familiar with a variety of boats in the Wednesday night beer can races.  In 2005 we bought our Islander 36, Zingara, from a former member with the intention of cruising.  We soon found out in a couple of the beer can races that Zingara has some spunk for an older design so we started doing a lot of races, first at the club and later with other Islander 36s.  We still do a few races every year but have been doing more cruises.  The highlight was a trip to Santa Catalina Island in 2018.


Mark Neumann

Staff Commodore

Back in 1994, my girlfriend, now wife, Polly, made me go beer can sailing at CPYC.  I got hooked on racing and joined the club in 1996.  I ran the beer cans for my first two years.  I did a blue water cruise down the coast to Still Water Cove and back, and got the ocean bug.  I started doing the ocean race series in 2000, and have been up and down the coast ever since, completing about 10 Coastal Cups to Monterey, about 3 Coastal Cups to southern California and topped it off with the Pacific Cup to Hawaii in 2008, on Joe Pratt’s Catalina 42.  I’ve been director at large for 3 years, and this year as Rear Commodore.  I’ve owned many boats over 30 years including a Catalina 22, Ranger 26, Santana 30/30GP, Catalina 36 and now a Catalina 27.


Gary Edwards


Gary's  sportfishing boat is commonly observed fishing throughout the bay and areas offshore.  Gary has been actively involved with multiple aspects of Coyote Point Yacht Club since 2006.

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Charlie Weidanz

Chief Financial Officer

Charlie has been a board member since 2019, and previously served as regatta chair. He is an active participant in CPYC races and is well involved with the club.


Jason Harvey

Port Captain

To be Added

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2022 Line Officers


Joe Pratt

House Chair

I was born in Illinois and spent my childhood summers on Paw Paw lake at my Grandma's cottage. My father was a plant engineer for Westing House, which allowed us to live in many places all over the world: France, Turkey, and Brazil to name a few. Junior high through high school I lived in Indiana, on lake Michigan ( which I consider home!) I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1977 and was stationed in California in 1978. I started my business  in 1988 (Pratt Security System) and I'm still at it! I bought my first big boat, Catalina 27 in 1990 and joined Coyote  Point Yacht club. I started crewing offshore with a friend and was hooked! I bought my 2nd boat in 1996 on which I met my wife Carrie at Coyote Point Beer Can races. We were married in the Caribbean on a bare boat charter. We bought  Ada Helen our current boat a  Catalina 42, in 2005. In 2008 I entered  Ada Helen in the Pacific Cup race to Hawaii, which we finished in 13 days 10 hours 42 minutes. Coyote Point roped me into being Commodore in 2014! Here I am again! 2020 has been an exceptional year. I really appreciate everyone's support and thank you all for hanging in there. I look forward to seeing you all out on the water again.


Chris Colard

Membership Chair

To be added.

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Mark Ramsby

Regatta Chair

To be added.

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Sandy Lazzari

Cruise Chair

I got into boating when I was working as a crew member during the summer months of mu college years in Blue Voyage sailing tours of the famous south western coast of Turkey primarily catering to British tourists. When my older son was born I bought a small zodiac boat to engage him in boating. It was really fun in the sense that we would go fishing with him and two nearby islands which were only like couple of hundred feet away. When my son Emre began his high school years we had to find an activity for him outside of school and we came up with boating. That is when I so Coyote Point Marina visiting the museum there for my younger son. Immediately after I bought my first power boat and what an adventure it was afterwards. We also became a member of the Coyote Point Yacht Club (thanks to Jan Mendez). Later, I bought a sailboat which is berthed in Cesme, Turkey for us and to get more involved in sailing. Since then, we are enjoying both of our boats as a family.

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2022 Directors at Large


Jill Fleming


To be added.


Catherine Lynch


To be added.

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2022 Committee Chairs

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Catherine Miskow

Coyote's Bay/ Historian

Mark Ponders the waning sunlight, fall 2021.jpg

Mark Ramsbey

Regatta Chair


Sandy Lazzari

Cruise Director


Kevin Kirberg

Youth Sailing Director


Mike Benz

Web Master

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