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Join us for CPYC cruises to welcoming destinations and improve your navigation and boatmanship in a safe environment.  We exchange navigation tips, “buddy” together to/from CPYC and destination, help with docking and keep in touch by radio.  Each boat is responsible for their own navigation and passage but help is nearby!

We share meals, swap stories, laugh, sing, have contests with prizes and get to know each other and members of host clubs better.

This year we will start with trips to public marinas with more options for social distancing and restaurants then start going to yacht clubs as they open up.

Most cruises have an option to stay one night or more and even join by automobile.  Signups open up about a month before the cruise.

Please email us at with questions and feedback!


2021 Cruise Schedule

South Beach

April 23-25

Always a great destination with city front cruising and restaurants.  Join us for a short trip on the water to a friendly harbor and club.  We will coordinate with Delancey Street  restaurant for outdoor distanced dining.


May 27-31 (Memorial Day)

Join us for a trip up the river for Petaluma’s Memorial Day festivities, hopefully with Petaluma Yacht Club.  Docking in the recently dredged turning basin is first come / first served so many of our boats plan to arrive on Thursday with some overnighting on the way at a club, Angel Island or anchoring (TBD) Wednesday night.


June 23-25

Scenic destination with slack current (flood to ebb) mid afternoon for a smooth ride up and easy docking.  Plentiful restaurants nearby.  Current reservation is to stay at Schoonmaker Marina.

Redwood City, West Point

July 4-5

Ride afternoon flood down to Redwood City for an appetizer/snack dock party and watch fireworks.  Sleep in and back to CPYC on July 5. West Point does not take group docking reservations so please go ahead and make your own reservation for July and indicate “CPYC” under “yacht club membership”

Delta Yacht Club

July 26-30 (M-F)

All sailors have that pirate fantasy of living on an island with their mates so break out your hammock and go live it!
Planning an overnight on the way and back for slower boats.
Incredibly fun destination for a week!!!

Aeolian Yacht Club

August 13-15

Arrive at late afternoon high tide after a fun trip through the estuary drawbridges or a shorter trip testing your navigation skills up the channel under the Bay Farm Bridge for  a weekend with good food and one of the friendliest yacht clubs around.  Walking and kayaking opportunities as well!

Marin Yacht Club

September 4-6 (Labor Day)

Perennial favorite - gorgeous club with swimming pool, tennis court, kayaking and the always competitive bocce ball battle!  Do not miss this!!

Napa Valley Yacht Club

October 22-24

Great weather, pre-arranged winery tours, good food!  Daylight savings time ending soon so get out and cruise !

Note -  Napa Valley Yacht Club does not take group docking reservations so please go ahead and make your own reservation for October at .


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