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Sandy Lazzari


I got into boating when I was working as a crew member during the summer months of mu college years in Blue Voyage sailing tours of the famous south western coast of Turkey primarily catering to British tourists. When my older son was born I bought a small zodiac boat to engage him in boating. It was really fun in the sense that we would go fishing with him and two nearby islands which were only like couple of hundred feet away. When my son Emre began his high school years we had to find an activity for him outside of school and we came up with boating. That is when I so Coyote Point Marina visiting the museum there for my younger son. Immediately after I bought my first power boat and what an adventure it was afterwards. We also became a member of the Coyote Point Yacht Club (thanks to Jan Mendez). Later, I bought a sailboat which is berthed in Cesme, Turkey for us and to get more involved in sailing. Since then, we are enjoying both of our boats as a family.

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