Youth Sailing FAQ

The Answers You Need

How many Students are there in each class?

Each class can expect up to 15 students.

What should my Sailor bring?

  • Mask

  • Towel

  • Swimsuit

  • Wetsuits can be worn but shorties are recommended for mobility and due to the intense summer sun.

  • Lunch/Snack and Drink

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Lifejacket

  • Change of clothes

  • Water-use shoes - Tennis shoes are okay. No “flip-flops” or other loose sandals.

What boats will the sailors be using?

We will be using brand new optimist boats, known as cubes.

How many sailors per boat?

In the Intro to Sailing Class, Sailors will have their own boat.

In the FJ class, there will be 2 sailors per FJ.

Will there be Instructor boats?

There will be two motor boats in charge of the safety of the children while on the water.

In Addition

Sailors will have time both on land and on the water. Make sure to bring extra clothes in order to be comfortable on land.

Pick Up your sailor promptly for your session. After 15 minutes after the pick up time, there will be a $25 fee for extra 15 minutes of time.

Drop Off Cannot Occur More than 10 minutes before class. Instructors are preparing for the day and will not be available.


Lifejackets: We highly suggest each child bring their own US Coast Guard approved life jacket for optimal comfort and fit.

Helmets. We currently do NOT supply helmets. However, they are becoming more accepted in the sport of sailing. We welcome those who would like to wear them.


Sailing class occur 100% outdoors. Masks are worn at all times. Opti's are assigned to an individual student for each 2 week student. Social Distancing is encouraged when on land. The club is only used for restroom facilities. Each child should bring their own water bottle as the club water fountain is not available for use due to Covid. No Food will be available for purchase.